Owen’s Autostrada Monza lips

Strip some clear, file down some rash…and a good polish. Stay tuned for updates.



The final wet sand…

After working up through 220, 400, 600 wet, 800 wet, 1000 wet, 1500 wet, and finally 2000 wet; Rota #1 is ready for a high speed polish. Hopefully all comes out well and I don’t have to work back down at all. Stay tuned.

More from planet polish

Cleaned after being sanded with 400 grit, well on their way!


Rota’s; continued

Completely stripped and sanded down. I went down to 60 grit as there was some pitting; it helped but the pitting remains. I will work back up and see how the polishing process ends up.


RS6 Reps

I just picked the wheels up from being stripped. I would have liked to go with a raw metal finish but the material underneath was not as nice as the paint would have indicated.

They will be primed/painted instead. Oh well, I will have a set of raw/machined wheels one day!