Event Coverage: Stretch and Poke 2012

Very late, but whatever. Here is the best the wheel guys had last weekend at Downsview.


Owen’s Autostrada Monza lips

Strip some clear, file down some rash…and a good polish. Stay tuned for updates.



Oktoberfest 2011

So I figure I’ll post my favorite wheel or 2 from each show I attend. I don’t even really LOVE these wheels, but I appreciate them; their rarity, their history, their baller factor.

Comp0motive Turbo


The final wet sand…

After working up through 220, 400, 600 wet, 800 wet, 1000 wet, 1500 wet, and finally 2000 wet; Rota #1 is ready for a high speed polish. Hopefully all comes out well and I don’t have to work back down at all. Stay tuned.


More from planet polish

Cleaned after being sanded with 400 grit, well on their way!