LM Test fit

18×8 et23 front 215/40

18×9 et17 rear 215/40


Work Ewing Mesh

Gill and I picked these up on the weekend; they will be put up for sale and if they don’t move expect to see them on a certain Subaru at some point 😉

Specs are 16×7, et35, 5×114.


2012 teaser…

…of Gill’s Subie. Stay tuned for some changes before you see them mounted for next season.


The final wet sand…

After working up through 220, 400, 600 wet, 800 wet, 1000 wet, 1500 wet, and finally 2000 wet; Rota #1 is ready for a high speed polish. Hopefully all comes out well and I don’t have to work back down at all. Stay tuned.


More from planet polish

Cleaned after being sanded with 400 grit, well on their way!


Rota’s; continued

Completely stripped and sanded down. I went down to 60 grit as there was some pitting; it helped but the pitting remains. I will work back up and see how the polishing process ends up.